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Performing of scientific projects in 2019

During 2019, the University's scientists performed 96 research projects with a total funding of 13,949,000 UAH, and 8,587,700 UAH of them were funded from the state budget, 5,361,300 UAH – economic contracts. During 2019, 13 research projects were carried out at the expense of the state budget with the volume of financing 8,587,700 UAH, including basic research – 6 projects with the volume of financing 3,575,100 UAH and applied research – 4 projects with the volume of financing 2,474,000 UAH, two scientific works of young scientists under the leadership of P. Saik and V. Sotskov, with the total volume of financing 1,540,100 UAH and a scientific and technical (experimental) design work under the leadership of K. Ziborov, with the amount of financing 998,500 UAH. Also, the amount of 2019, 2,000,000 UAH was obtained from the state budget for financing the capital expenditures of the Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment “Innovative Geoenergy”.

Considerable attention is paid by the University's scientists to the dissemination and development of contractual scientific works commissioned by state and private enterprises and other market structures. In 2019, 83 projects with financing amount of 5,361,300 UAH were executed under economic contracts. Agreements with leading companies of the energy and mining sectors were the main source of the research funding.



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