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1. Department of Mining Engineering and Education: Creating a distance learning technology for the mining disciplines of the Mining Department.

2. Department of opencast mining: Development of scientific basis for the use of non-explosive and environmentally friendly technologies for mining of non-metallic minerals.

3. Department of Transport Systems and Technologies: Development of a complex for educational and methodological support of the disciplines of specialty 185 “Oil and gas engineering and technologies”.

4. Department of Ecology and Environmental Technologies: Development of measures to improve the environmental situation and increase the level of environmental safety in the mining regions.

5. Department of Occupational Safety and Civil Protection: Development of design theory.

6. Department of physical education and sports: Valeological bases of physical education of students.



7. Department of Electric Drive: Investigation of the specifics of AC drives to develop energy-efficient control laws.

8. Department of Electrical Engineering: Substantiation of content and development of multimedia support of the disciplines of the department.

9. Department of Electric Power Engineering: Software development for the disciplines of the department of the new specialty 141 “Electric Power, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics”.

10. Translation Department: Competent approach to teaching translation as a central link in bilingual intercultural communication.

11. Department of Automation and Instrumentation: Improving the quality of practical training of bachelors and masters in the specialties 123 "Computer Engineering" and 151 "Automation and computer-integrated technologies based on the development and implementation of modern computer systems in the educational process.


12. Department of Information and Telecommunication Security and Department of CCDC: Development and implementation of modern means of distance learning and diagnostics of knowledge in the disciplines of the field 12 Information technology specialties 125 Cybersecurity.

13. Department of Systems Analysis and Management: Development of decision support system by the coal mine manager.

14. Department of Automation and Computer Systems: Improving the quality of practical training of bachelors and masters in the specialties 123 "Computer Engineering" and 151 "Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies on the Basis of Development and Implementation in the Educational Process of Modern Computer Systems.

15. Department of Information Systems and Technologies: Development and implementation of the methodology of teaching specialty courses 126 "Information systems and technologies"



16. Department of Economic Analysis and Finance: Improvement of the financial mechanism of intensification of development of the mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine.

17. Department of Marketing: Marketing management of enterprise resources.

18. Department of accounting and audit and department of enterprise economy: International economic relations of the countries of the world in the industries.

19. Department of Accounting and Auditing: Problems of Accounting and Taxation in Ukraine and Ways to Solve It.

20. Theoretical aspects of virtual cash accounting.

21. Methodology of audit and analysis of joint venture entities.

22. Analytical support for asset securitization management.

23. International integration and modernization strategies in higher education.

24. Transformational processes in accounting and control in the conditions of digitalization of economic relations.

25. Current accounting and legal aspects of accounting and taxation.

26. Transnational mining corporations as a factor in national and international security in global development.

27. Department of Economics and Economic Cybernetics: Development of adequate methods of economic incentives for personnel to improve their productivity in mining and machine-building enterprises.

28. Automatic control and modeling of ore preparation processes in ore enrichment technology.

29. Department of Tourism and Economics of Enterprise: Impact of Corporate Synergy and Integrated Use of Raw Materials on the Economics of Associated Mining and Processing Enterprises.

30. Formation of environmental responsibility of industrial enterprises of large holdings.

31. Integration of Ukraine into the world market of tourist services.

32. Ensuring the competitiveness of an industrial enterprise through the improvement of human capital.

33. Innovative development of tourism enterprises in cyberspace.


34. Department of Management: Scientific principles of development of mining and processing enterprises of Ukraine on the basis of 3 R (reduce, reuse, recycle) model of economy.

35. Department of Applied Economics, Entrepreneurship and Public Administration: Economic and managerial principles for enhancing the power of territorial communities as an integrated result of the activities of public and business entities.

36. Department of Economic Theory and International Economic Relations: Institutional Factors of Socio-Economic Development of Society.

37. Development of educational and methodological support for the specialty "International Economic Relations".

38. Department of Foreign Languages: Implementing a Competent Approach in Foreign Language Learning.


39. Department of Higher Mathematics: Development of methods of mathematical modeling in mining problems.

40. Development and introduction into the educational process of information-communication and competence training tools for specialties.

41. Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology: Development of Earth Sciences in the Conditions of Transformation of Raw Materials Resource.

42. Department of Geology and Exploration of Minerals: Improvement of the curriculum of disciplines in accordance with the new standards of higher education of bachelors and masters of specialty 103 "Earth Sciences" specialization "Geology" (2 - 6 courses).

43. Study of toxic and potentially toxic elements in the coal seams of the Pavlograd-Petropavlovsk Geological and Industrial District of Donbass.

44. Department of General and Structural Geology: Analysis of the structural and material composition of geosites of Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Berdyansk, Kamenets-Podilsky and Skoliv landfills of Ukraine as objects.

45. Department of Petroleum Engineering and Mining: Elimination of the absorption of the flushing fluid in the wells by thermoplastic materials.

46. Russian-Ukrainian-English well drilling dictionary.

47. Manuscript of the manual "Drilling of oil and gas wells" Facebook Messeng.

48. Manuscript of the manual "Methods and tools of computer technology".

49. Department of Chemistry: Chemical and biochemical technologies for industrial wastewater treatment.

50. Department of Geophysical Exploration Methods: Investigation of regularities in the distribution of toxic and potentially toxic elements in the coal seams of the Krasnoarmeysk Geological and Industrial District of Donbass.


51. Department of Public Law: Criminal Law, Criminological and Criminal Procedure Principles for Combating Offenses in the Field of Subsoil Use.

52. Department of Civil, Commercial and Environmental Law: Problems of the Legal Regime of Objects of Natural Resources, Economic and Mining Relations.

53. Department of Philosophy and Pedagogy: Culture and communication of worldviews.

54. Department of History and Political Theory: Naddniprians'ka Ukraine in the High School - XX Century: Culture, Education, Science.

55. Department of Philology and Language Communication: Discursive Practices in Language and Literature.


56. Department of Mining Mechanics: Development of theory and methods to ensure the intensification of the operation of mining transport equipment in long-term operation.

57. Department of engineering and design in machinery industry: Development of scientific and methodological provisions of teaching engineering disciplines with the aim of updating the course of the professional cycle of specialties 133 "Branch Engineering in the Educational and Professional Program" Computer Engineering in Mechanical Engineering "

58. Department of Automobiles and Automobile Economy: Development of scientific and methodological provisions in the disciplines of specialization "Cars and Automobile Economy" specialty 274 "Automobile Transport".

59. Department of Transport Management: Scientific and technical justification of measures to improve the efficiency of the organization of train movement. M-387.

60. Department of Construction, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics: Development of scientific and methodological support for the teaching of the disciplines of the educational program "Lift systems and industrial lifting equipment" specialty 132 "Material Science".

61. Department of Technological Engineering of Materials Processing: Improvement of the curricula of disciplines in accordance with the new standards of higher education of bachelors and masters of specialty 184 "Mining" of the specialization "Mining and Mining", "Quality, standardization and certification of mineral raw materials".

62. Department of Engineering Aesthetics and Design: Substantiation of material and its parameters for vibration isolation of heavy load units of disintegration equipment.

63. Department of Technology of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science: Creation of a package of modern reference and methodological base in the disciplines of the specialties 131 "Applied Mechanics" and 132 "Material Science".


64. Department of Geodesy: Development of Higher Education Standards for the preparation of masters in the specialty 193 "Geodesy and Land Management" (specialization "Land Management and Cadastre" and "Engineering Geodesy".

65. Department of Civil Engineering, Geotechnics and Geomechanics: Development of educational and methodological materials for the specialty 192 "Construction and Civil Engineering" (for foreign citizens).

66. Department of Surveying: Regularities of deformation of workings of the zone of cleaning works influence in the conditions of weak side rocks.

67. Department of Physics: Creation of a cycle of laboratory works of a physical workshop on the section "Semiconductor Physics" for the students of technical universities.

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