Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

Research work carried out at the expense of the state budget in 2019.

Financing volume for 2019 – 8 587,700 thousand UAH, including: basic research – 3 575,100 thousand UAH, applied research and development 2 474,000 thousand UAH, scientific and technical development – 998,500 thousand UAH, scientific works of young scientists – 1 540,100 thousand UAH.

Capital expenditures for 2019: 2 000,00 thousand UAH.

Basic research

1. GP-491       Investigation of nanostructure of fossil coal as a source of methane in coal deposits.


State registration number: 0117U001129

Valeriy Sobolev, Prof. Doctor of Technical Sciences

2. GP-489       Scientific bases of formation of a unified system of energy storage and generation of objects of fuel and energy complex of Ukraine.


State registration number: 0117U001127

Roman Dychkovsky, Prof. Doctor of Technical Sciences

3. GP-490       Development of scientific bases of minimization of specific energy consumption for enrichment through control of magnetic bonds between fine particles.


State registration number: 0117U001128

Igor Mladetsky, Prof. Doctor of Technical Sciences

4. GP-492        Thermohydrodynamic and geotechnological parameterization of geohydro - thermal resources of Ukraine in technogenic geological environment.


State registration number: 0117U001130

Ivan Sadovenko, Prof. Doctor of Technical Sciences

5. GP-488       Improvement of technology of hybrid and pure electric vehicles and their integration into the energy network.


State registration number: 0117U001126

Gennadiy Pivnyak, Prof. Doctor of Technical Sciences

6. GP-501       Detection of patterns of phase transformations of gas hydrates and stress-strain state of the mountain range and development of innovative geotechnologies.


State registration number: 0119U000249

Volodymyr Bondarenko, Prof. Doctor of Technical Sciences

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