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Websites of patent offices and the database of patent documents

ukr_pat_120.pngUkraine. The official website of Ukrpatent provides an access to various databases (DB) and information-reference systems (IRS) on objects of industrial property.

· http://www.sdip.gov.ua


Specialized DB "Inventions (Useful Models) in Ukraine"

rus_pat_210.pngThe Russian Federation. At the site of Rospatent open registers of trademarks and service marks of the Russian Federation, inventions, useful models and industrial models of the Russian Federation, appellations of an origin places of the goods of the RF, well-known in Russia trademarks, international trademarks with the indication of the RF, as well as accessible open registers of applications for trademark registration, service marks and appellations of an origin places of the goods (AOPG) of the RF, patent applications for inventions of the Russian Federation, useful models and industrial models.


Open registries of patent documents of Rospatent

us_pat.png USA offer access to the full-text DB of patents since 1976, an abstract DB of patents since 1976 and the DB of trademarks. You can search by bibliographic data and the document text, and also viewing facsimiles copies of pages of documents found in a graphical format.


euro_pat.pngThrough the website of the European Patent Organization (EPO-espacenet) you can search for patent documents: European Patent Organisation (EPO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Japan, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and England.


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