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General information

Patent-license department of NMU was founded in 1972.

Patents of NMUThe history of NMU - foreign patents

According to operating normative base of the patent legislation of Ukraine the formulation patent-license work at NMU includes the main directions:

  • organizational-methodological collaboration with all structural divisions at the performance of applied and basic SRW (scientific-research works), scientific-technical and course projects, dissertational works, etc.;
  • system consultations of experts of patent affairs and cooperation with the creators of scientific-technical solutions in providing formal and pre-qualification expertise of new technical solutions and scientific-technical level of SRW results;
  • consultation and practical help of the professionals of patent affairs on legal questions when patenting new technical solutions in various branches;
  • formation and improvement of a databank of objects of intellectual property right;
  • participation in the drafting of license agreements;
  • monitoring of multiprocedural system of patenting in UkrPatent on each technical solution of NMU;
  • formation of found of patent documentation of the university.

Annually Ukrpatent receives 70-75 demands for the provided inventions and useful models in the priority directions of science and technology, more than 70 % from which - with participation of doctoral candidates, graduate students and students. 

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