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The program «Mineworks»

The program "Mineworks" (ex «Mining machines») is an electronic catalog of mining equipment with the possibility of selection models under given mining-geological and technical conditions, compare the characteristics of models with each other, and perform mining engineering calculations

Каталог гірничо-шахтного обладнання

The presented examples of mining equipment produced in the former USSR and in foreign countries (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.). The program has the ability to update equipment database via the Internet (it is possible to specify a proxy server and, if necessary, the authority on it).

Гірничо-технічні розрахунки

The program is recommended for students, scientific and educational, scientific and technical staff of higher educational institutions, research institutes and design organizations, as well as for engineers mining companies.

Learn more about the history, current version and plans for further development and improvement program "Mining machines" can be read online by software engineer Sobeshchanskiy D.M. 

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