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Opportunities of the University in Research Field

R & D and laboratory works performed by different structures of the NMU:

Center of Gemology

- Predictive assessment of prospects for metallic and non-metallic minerals

- Geological support during prospecting and exploration of metallic and non-metallic minerals.

- Geological and economic evaluation (revaluation) of previously studied mineral deposits in relation to the new conditions and requirements of international standards

- Preparation of analytical reviews of the dynamics of mining and processing. 

- Expert evaluation of exploration work results at different stages of geological exploration 

-Development of artistic projects for the manufacture of decorative arts and crafts from individual samples of gemstones.

- Geological and economic evaluation of subsoil objects of semi-precious stones. 

- Development of business-plans.

Contacts: Serhii Shevchenko, PhD Geology  phone +380972733507, E-mail: shevchenko.s.v@nmu.one

Science and research Center of dynamics and strength of mining tramsport and equipment

- Technical expertise of mining and transportation machinery and equipment;;

- Performing of engineering, design and research works;

- Conducting strength tests in accordance with standard procedures;

- Expert evaluation of the further exploitation of lifting and balancing ropes for mining industry.

Contacts: Dmytro Kolosov, Prof., phone: (056) 373-07-95, E-mail: kolosov.d.l@nmu.one


Science and Technical Center of technology processes automation in mining and metallurgy productions

- Development and introduction of automated control systems for section of iron ore enrichment; 

- Control of big class of ore feed from the crush plant to concentrating plant; 

- Development and installation of control system for speed mode of continuous rolling; 

- Installation of tools and testing methods for electromagnetic control of  rebar thermo-hardening process; 

- Development and installation of operations management system for rolled bars production (roll cutting systems, etc.)

Contacts: Volodymyr Kuvaiev, Prof., phone: (056) 373-07-94, E-mail: kuvaievig@gmail.com

Science and Educational Center of the NTU “Dnipro University of Technology”:

- prediction of geo-mechanical processes given slipping dynamic phenomena during mining works; 

- forecasting of hydro-geo-mechanical resistance at aunderground water allocation;

- quantum dynamics of elementary chemical processes, creation of quantum-mechanical model of the chemical bond strength, study of solids microstructure;

- measuring strength of the rock and building materials.

- the creation of intellectual property, their commercialization, innovative implementation;

- triaxial compression testing of soils under laboratory conditions. 

Contacts: Olena Sdvyzhkova, Prof., phone: (056) 373-07-53, E-mail: sdvyzhkova.o.o@nmu.one

Prydniprovsk Regional Science and Technical Center for technical protection in infornation:

- development of concept and creation of a comprehensive system of protection of information in a telecommunications system; 

- concept development and creation of the complex of inforamtion technical protection of information activity; 

- certification information technical protection complex; 

- state expertise of complex system of protection information in a telecommunications system

- identification of technical channels of leackage of voice and vision information generated by  unauthorized usage of eavesdropping devices in the facility of information activities; 

- evaluation of screening facilitiesefficiency. 

Contacts: Oleksandr Kruchynin, Prof., phone: (056) 373-07-37, E-mail: nmutzi@i.ua

Center of blasting problems

- providing seismic safety and security of shock air wave action during industrial explosions

- optimization drilling and blasting works parameterson mining enterprises ; 

- providing security of rock pieces expansion range whilen explosions under different mine-geological conditions;

- reduction of environmental impact of the works associated with loading and explosion of the modern types of explosives ; 

- designing of drilling and blastingn works under mining enterprises conditions, subway construction and during construction, reconstruction and liquidation of various  facilities 

- development of new most simple and emulsion explosives 

Contacts: Oleksandr Strilets, Prof., phone: +38 (0562) 47-23-92; +38 (0562) 46-90-07, strilets.a.p@nmu.one

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