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The state prize of Ukraine in science and technology 2014 awarded to the team of scientists (closed work), with the participation of professors of the National mining University Sdvizhkova A. A. and V. P. chicken


Ensure technogenic and environmental safety in the development of coal and gas deposits (theory and practice)

Authors: The Besht O. S., Grinev V. G., Dran V. A., V. A. Kanin, Paszkowski P. S., Samus, V. I., Smolyanov S. M., Starikov, G. P., Feldman E. P., Schneier VG


Increasing resource mining and metallurgical equipment on the basis of innovative technologies of surface engineering

Authors: Korzhik, V. M., Ryabtsev I. A., Rudra P. A., Dobrushin L. D., Likhoshva V. P., Didyk G. P., Tkachenko E. A., Zavaliy, O. B., Savin V. V., Vakhrusheva V. S.


Development and introduction of equipment and technologies for production and application of highly effective, safe emulsion explosives in quarries of Ukraine. The authors of NMU: Professor Krysin R.S., (posthumously).


Modern technologies of complex development of coal deposits in Ukraine in the mining and geological conditions mining thin and ultrathin layers. The authors of NMU: Professor Kuzmenko A.N., Professor Kovalevska I.A.


Creation and introduction of a complex of the equipment for power, control and protection of technological systems in the mining industry. The authors of NMU: Professor Vipanasenko S.I., Professor Sobolev V.V., Professor Shkrabets F.P.


Scientific substantiation, creation and mastering of serial production of high-performance coal-mining complexes of new generation. The authors of NMU: Professor Tkachev V.V.


Scientific and technological bases, development and introduction of high efficiency of geomechanical monitoring of underground geotechnical systems mines. The authors of NMU: Professor Golinko V.I., Professor Gryadushchiy J.B.


For a complex of resource and energy - saving geotechnologies extraction and processing of mineral raw materials, technical means of their monitoring system for control and optimization of mining operations. The authors of NMU: Professor Pilov P.I.

For the development and implementation of highly efficient technologies of production and deliveries of gas to increase the energy security of the state. The authors of NMU: Professor Razumniy J.T.


For the textbook "Transients in power supply systems". - M: Publishing house of the National mining Academy of Ukraine, 2000. - 597с. The authors of NMU: NAS academician Pivnyak G.G., Professor Rybalko Y.A.


For the development and implementation of high-performance environmentally friendly technology of mining in difficult hydrogeological conditions. The authors of NMU: Assoc. Shvidko P.V., Professor Borisenko S.G. (posthumously).

2002 Was received two State prizes in science and technology of Ukraine with the participation of teams from NMU

For the development and introduction of new resource-saving attachment and security structures workings of capital on the basis of geomechanical system ' fixing - rock mass ", eNMUring the efficient operation of coal mines of Ukraine. The authors of NMU: Professor Shashenko A.N.

The development of highly efficient ecology-oriented mining technologies on the basis of state management of the mountain massif and their introduction in the quarries of Ukraine. The authors of NMU: Professor Drizhenko A.J.


For development and introduction of methods and technologies for the conservation of the geological environment and completeness, effective, energy-efficient mining coal reserves in the Western Donbass Authors: Pivnyak G.G., Bondarenko V.I., Sadovenko I.A., Zaika V.T., Razvodov, A.G, Shmigol A.V., Golovchanskiy I.E., Khalimendik J.M.


For work «The Regularities of deformation of the upper part of the Earth's tectonosphere installed theoretical and experimental methods» the Authors: Cerkez EA, Hanonkin A.A., Zelinsky I.P., Gintov О.B., Gontarenko V.N., Tyapkin K.F.


For the cycle of works (monographs) on the scientific substantiation, development and introduction of methods of forecast outburst hazard in the mountain massif and ways to avoid dynamic rock pressure manifestations, which significantly reduce socio - economic damage in the mines of Donbass Authors: Nikolin V.G., Zorin A.N., Zabigaylo V.J.

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