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Science and Research Unit management

Ihor Nikitenko – Vice-Rector for Scientific Work, Ph.D. (in Geology), associate professor.

He graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk National University (now O. Honchar Dnipro National University). During his studies, from 1999 to 2004, he worked at the Gemological Center of the National Mining University (now Dnipro University of Technology). From 2004 to 2007 he studied in the postgraduate school. In 2008 he defended his PhD thesis at the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, specialty 04.00.19 - Economic Geology, in 2013 he received the title of associate professor of the Department of General and Structural Geology. He occupied the following positions: engineer, junior researcher, researcher, assistant, associate professor. Since 2016 he has been working as the Deputy Head of the Science and Research Unit.

Field of research: archaeometry, namely the use of mineralogical and petrographic methods of research in the study of ancient monuments and museum exhibits made of stone.

Main duties:

- creating the strategy for the development of the Science and Research Unit;

- setting the priority of researches of the University and the means for their financing;

- participation in the work of the expert-methodical commission of NTU "DP" to consider the research works of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, industrial and institutional enterprises;

- performing a representative mission for research work of the University in the Ministry of Education and Science, industrial Ministries;

- coordination of work with business structures and foreign organizations on joint research projects.

Contact information: room 4/34, phone number: +38 (056) 744-62-14, 3-36.

E-mail: nikitenko.i.s@nmu.one

Oleksandr Haidai, Head of Science and Research Unit, Ph.D. (Tech.), associate professor.

Oleksandr Haidai started his career at the Department of Design and Survey Works of the National Mining University in 2004 as a graduate student, and since 2007 as an assistant, Deputy Dean of the Mining Faculty for house holding. In 2004 he graduated from the National Mining University specializing in the “Development of mineral deposits”. Since 2011 he is an associate professor of the DSW Chair and deputy director of the Institute of Distance Education of the National Mining University. Since September 2018, he is the Head of the Science and Technical Department of the Science and Research Unit.

Main duties:

- creation of the strategy for the development of the Science and Research Unit, changes in its structure and exercising the general control over the implementation of the instructions of the Vice-Rector for Scientific work and higher authorities;

- presenting of the results of scientific developments in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, industrial Ministries, and institutional enterprises of the mining sector;

- participation in the work of the expert-methodical commission of the NTU DP to consider the research works of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, industry and institutional enterprises;

- generating ideas for conducting research and choosing the priority of research work;

- provision of consulting and methodological assistance on the issues of creating conditions for innovative development and technology transfer.

Contact information: room 4/49a, phone number: +38 (056) 373-07-02, 5-64.

E-mail: haidai.o.a.@nmu.one

The Science and Research Department management carries out its activities in the following areas:

- presentation of the Science and Research Department in relations with companies, institutions, organizations and individuals;

- formation and expansion of innovation infrastructure of the University;

- search for partners to carry out research work among national and foreign educational, research and production institutions;

- coordination of activities of research units and co-executors of research work;

- organization of scientific expertize and discussion of intermediate and final results of research work;

- ensuring standardization and normative control in scientific activity;

- responsibility for timely and high-quality implementation of theoretical and experimental research, rational use of funds received for their implementation, compliance with planned, financial and staff discipline, labor protection and safety requirements;

- organization of work on the implementation of results of completed research at enterprises;

- organization of work on information services and logistics support of research;

- control over the rational use of unique and precious devices, equipment and means of computer technology.

- maintaining creative ties of the University with enterprises, organizations, ministries and departments;

- organization of work on attestation of researchers in accordance with the Regulations approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

- promoting the involvement of researchers in the educational process of the University;

- finding areas of research and choosing the priority of research work;

- finding ways to cooperate with foreign and national structures involved in innovation projects and technology transfer;

- creation of individual and team entrepreneurial activity in the implementation of scientific and practical projects of the University;

- search and support of international topics within the Science and Development Department;

- control over the patent and license work and protection of intellectual property rights;

- implementation of licenses for the use of research results in domestic and foreign markets;

- control over the accounting of innovative developments of the University, patent and license developments of the scientific personnel and lecturers;

- preparation of proposals for draft of financial plan, research work plans and control over their implementation.

- preparation of proposals for the inclusion of developments in state and regional scientific and technical programs, ensuring the effectiveness and results of research aimed at creating the final product;

- dissemination of information on regional, national and international competitions, grants, scholarship programs and awards among the scientific youth of the University; establishment of feedback with chairs.

- collection of data on the participation of students and young scientists from the NTU DP in scientific and educational competitions - submitted applications and winners;

- dissemination of information on holding international and all-Ukrainian scientific-practical conferences and seminars of young scientists and students at faculties; establishing feedback with departments;

- ensuring organizational issues of participation of NTU DP students in the I and II second rounds of All-Ukrainian Olympiads, holding the "Week of Student Science at the NTU DP";

- formation of a database of students wishing to engage in scientific activities, with the definition of their supervisors;

- organization of periodicals of directories from regional, national and international competitions for scholarships and grants;

- support of projects and applications from the scientific youth of NTU for participation in competitions for grants and scholarships.

Contact information: room 4/34, phone number: +38 (056) 744-62-14, 3-36.

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