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Department staff
Netecha Maksim Vladimirovich
head of innovation department, mining engineer


Sobeshchansky Dmitry Mikhailovich

chief engineer of innovation department

He entered in the National Mining University (the former name of the NTU “Dnipro University of Technology”) in 2001.

In 2006, he received the diploma of the expert on a specialty “Development of mineral deposits”.

He works in the scientific-research division from the April 2010.

He carries out the development and support of the site of the Scientific Bulletin of National Mining University, is the content-manager of the official site of the NTU “Dnipro University of Technology”, he develops various media content and software.


Gladun Olena

chief Engineer of Innovation Department

She admitted to the Dnipropetrovsk National University named after Oles Gonchar in 2000.

In 2005 she received a degree in “International economics”.

In 2006 she graduated from Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and received a degree in Science of law.

In she 2012 finished postgraduate school in specialty Economics and Management of National Economy.

She has been working in Innovation Department since the 17th of April, 2012.

She participates in forming of innovative platform of the Dnipro University of Technology in order to exchange information between scientists and enterprises. She collects and conducts analysis of current innovations in Dnipro University of Technology and presents their results to prospective investors. She carries out the regular monitoring of the fields of scientific researches in Ukraine and abroad, monitoring of the open forums and exhibitions, in which Dnipro University of Technology participates. 

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